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The Oakridge After School Sports Program offers students from 4th - 8th grade the opportunity to participate in four sports.

                             Fall - Football - Boys / Volleyball - Girls


                             Winter - Basketball - Boys and Girls


                             Winter/ Spring - Golf - Boys and Girls


                             Spring - Soccer - Boys and Girls.

The Tri-Way League (for 6th-8th grade students) and the Developmental Sports League, DSL (for 4th - 6th grade students) are comprised of 11 area private schools.


To participate, students must mantain a 2.5 GPA, and commit to 2 - 4 practices per week, in addition to 1-2 games per week during the season. There are no games or practices scheduled during official school vacations.



Our sports programs are all very competitve and numerous championships have been awarded to our athletes. We attribute our success to our athletes and our highly qualified coaching staff.


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