• Our classrooms and common areas have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  • All cloth furniture has been removed from classrooms being utilized.

  • Hand sanitizers placed throughout the campus in common areas.

  • Colorful informative posters from CDC placed throughout the campus.

  •  All drinking fountains have been removed and have replaced with Bottle Fill Stations.

  • Adequate inventory of cleaning supplies have been added.




  • Students drop off area in front of the school and greeted by staff.

  • We ask that you drop off in a timely manner. Drop off between 7:30 am and 8:30 am. Please call the office if a drop off after 8:30 is needed.

  • Staff will be health screened each morning, including taking their temperature.

  • Staff will be health screening and taking temperatures of our campers each morning as they enter. Parents drop off at the gate. Authorized staff and vendors on-campus only.

  • Lunches must be completely disposable except for a personal/refillable water bottle.  Water stations available to refill water bottles.

  • Games will be organized for proper social distancing (most of our activities are outside)

  • Campers also be socially distanced when inside classrooms.

  • Frequent Touch points (door handles, chairs, computers, etc.) will be sanitized    after every activity and transition. Rooms will be cleaned each night after the campers leave, and a deeper cleaning at the end of each week.

  • Campers cannot bring personal items from home, aside from a personal cell phone, jacket, and lunch/water bottle. No other toys or electronics allowed.

  • Students using the restrooms will be limited to a maximum of 2 campers at one time.

  • Behavior Expectations: Campers not following school policies will be removed from the group to speak individually with a staff member or school administration. Continued concerns will result in the camper needing to be picked up early without refund.

  • Some activities will have an item to take home. Please sanitize any items brought home from the school. Any items left on campus will be disposed of.


Wearing a mask is the parent’s choice.  Oakridge staff is not able to monitor the mask in any way. Once a mask has fallen or altered by a student, it has become ineffective and the student will be asked to put it away. Staff who will be assisting campers individually who cannot social distance will be wearing a mask.


The health and safety of our school community is our number one priority. Parents must communicate with our staff daily on their family health, and keep their student home if any symptoms arise, or a family member has been exposed to COVID-19.


 We are aware of the many changes we are asking of our families and ask for patience as we navigate this process together. As the CDC, OCHCA, and CDE update their policies, we will also be adjusting our policies to reflect changes. This is a working document.


The Orange County Health Department has rated our specific school situation as a “very low risk environment.”  We are a small population camp with a consistent enrollment.


Lastly, we want to thank our parents and staff for their support during this time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Mrs. Teresa Andrews or Mr. Stefan Joly, our Principal.  Mrs. Mary Noland and Mrs. Danielle Shader oversee our summer camp, and they will be happy to assist, as well.