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Enrichment Classes

Computer Classes Jr.K - 4th grade

Ms. Lois Cowan

Ms. Lois Computer Lab

JrK - The students are locating letters on the keyboard and learning to place their fingers on the home row. When the students are comfortable with their finger placements, they will start typing words using the home row.


Kindergarten - The students are learning finger placements and typing words that correspond with the keys.


1st grade - The students have learned their typing finger placements. The students are starting a typing program to sharpen their typing skills. First graders type their weekly spell words in the computer lab.


2nd grade - The students are creating a Breakfast Menu for their restaurant.They need to create a name of the restaurant and show three breakfast items with prices and enhance with pictures.This is showing them keyboarding and how to use copy and paste.


3rd grade -The students are creating a Party Planner assignment. They will be making the invitation and they need to list the type of party it is , food needed, decoration and entertainment.This assignment will enhance their skills in keyboarding,copy and paste and appearance.


4th grade -These students are assigned worksheets created to practice keyboarding, copy and paste. Working on assignments from their class as needed.


P.E Classes T.K - 8th grade

Ms. Caitlyn Palmer

Welcome to a fun and exciting year at Oakridge! As the Physical Education teacher I am delighted to have the opportunity to teach your children. The goal of the Physical Education program is to build competency and appreciation in all area related to physical activities and to educate students about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn through a variety of teaching styles and curriculum models including team building challenges, personal fitness planning and sport education models. Overall the program is designed to foster an interest in physical activities and health and maximize success for all students.

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