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Thank you for your interest in Oakridge Private School. We know that you will be pleased with the fine record of academic achievement for which our school programs are noted, as well as the care given by our excellent faculty and staff for the past four decades.



Mr. and Mrs. Burry



Forty years ago, Oakridge Private School's founders, Mr. and Mrs. Burry, recognized an educational need in the community. After teaching in the public school system for twenty years, the Burrys knew that small class sizes, phonics-based learning, and Judeo-Christian values were key elements of a successful learning environment.

Their dream started small, with just nine students, but soon began to grow. From the beginning, Mr. and Mrs. Burry provided a caring and stimulating school atmosphere, enabling children to achieve academically while also developing self-esteem and respect for others. Oakridge moved forward, guided by the key principle of maintaining a strong curriculum focused on basic academics in order to provide a solid foundation of knowledge for lifelong learners.


Over the years, countless former students have sent their own children to Oakridge, a fact that stands as the greatest testament to the school's success. Mr. and Mrs. Burry's dream continues to thrive today.


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