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Steps to Register:

Step 1 - Visit and register your children (name, grade & allergy info)

Step 2 - Preload your account with payment information.

Step 3 - Start ordering! Deadline for ordering is 9 am for the next day

(ex. Monday 9 am for Tuesday lunch).

We are excited to serve the families of Oakridge Private School and we hope you are too. We are a family of passionate people dedicated to enhancing the lives of families in our community by offering wholesome, delicious meals that kids love - providing the ultimate in ordering and delivery for our parents and schools. At our core, our purpose is to make it simple for busy families to eat better and stress less.
We care about the kids we serve, and our effort to continue to delight them with a great lunch experience is everything to us. We are committed to finding and using whole, fresh ingredients that are sourced responsibly from local and trusted partners. We understand parents trust us with an important responsibility, and we make it simple and stress-free for them to partner with us through our world-class ordering technology and mobile apps.

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