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Philosophy & Overview

Oakridge Private School's philosophy is the foundation for all that we do and the reason we have been so successful in educating and developing the character of each child.

We believe...

 - That each child is a unique and gifted individual, worthy of respect and capable of making a special contribution to the world.

- In a strong curriculum, focused on basic academics and providing a solid foundation for higher learning.

- In a caring and stimulating school environment that enables children to achieve academically  while also developing self-esteem and respect for others.

- That life is more than just academics, and children need a moral and ethical frame of reference. A value-based education is the best foundation for your child's future.

- That children learn what they live. Therefore, Oakridge is designed to ensure that parents, teachers and staff work as a team to provide the very best opportunities for children to learn and grow

Oakridge Private School has a unique and successful combination of solid academics, a loving environment, diverse extracurricular activities, and valuable character-building lessons based on Judeo-Christian values.


Focus on Basic Academics


Students at Oakridge experience an integrated curriculum with a strong emphasis on basic academic skills. Reading begins in kindergarten using a phonics-based system. Oakridge students consistently achieve above national norms in reading, math, language arts, and science, as demonstrated by the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills. 


Warm, Nurturing Environment


Children can best achieve their potential when they feel safe, they are recognized and treated as individuals, and they have teachers who love to teach. At Oakridge, our small class sizes make individualized attention possible, and our teachers make each classroom a special place. We invite you to visit and see for yourself.


Values Matter


A great education includes more than just academics--it also provides a frame of reference that enables students to make good choices for a lifetime. Character is not developed in a vacuum. Children develop good values when they are surrounded by caring adults--at home and at school--who demonstrate integrity and concern, and who are willing to talk about why those values matter.



State-of-the-Art Computer Labs


At Oakridge Private School, we provide computer classes for all of our students--even those in Pre-K. Oakridge is now a "Dual Platform" school; students learn PC-based applications in two computer labs and Mac applications through the iPad programs. All classrooms utilize interactive white boards to complement our rich technology program and further inspire our students. This comprehensive program enables our students to start their high school careers at the top of their classes.


Extracurricular Opportunities


Field trips can bring life into lessons on history, ecology, arts, and the sciences. Oakridge students participate in a variety of field trips that are integrated into the curriculum and scheduled throughout the year. In addition, sports, piano, drama, art, dance, choir, karate, and many other classes are offered after school.

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