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Our Mission is to provide resources, enthusiasm, outreach and effective communication that will facilitate and promote all volunteer activities and events within the Oakridge Private School family.

Welcome to Helping Hands - Parents in Participation 

A successful school relies heavily upon involved parents. Helping Hands is the parent volunteer group at Oakridge (similar to PTO in public school). Helping Hands is responsible for providing resources for our teachers and classrooms, promoting various school activities and events, and facilitating effective communication within the Oakridge community. They also organize and provide room parents for each classroom, helping support the teachers and staff where necessary.

Getting Involved

We know that all Oakridge parents can get involved in some small way. The degree to which you involve yourself is strictly up to you. There are so many fun and rewarding ways to help our children's school and become involved. You will find that participating is very rewarding for both you and your children.

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