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Elementary Years

In a nurturing environment, Oakridge begins to build the foundation for lifelong learners with a comprehensive reading program that focuses on a variety of skills. Our elementary students begin with a strong phonics-based reading program that promotes oral reading fluency and expression, comprehension and vocabulary. Appreciation for literature is developed through the introduction of short stories, poetry and novels. Oakridge enhances the children's experiences with the Accelerated Reader program.



The language program focuses on communication skills, which include spelling, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph development and good penmanship. These skills are put into practice using the Step Up to Writing program.

Oakridge students become proficient in mathematics through concept development and application. With plenty of practice, the students build an understanding of the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, algebraic expressions and geometry.

Scientific thinking is encouraged through a comprehensive study of Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science. The history and social studies curriculum teaches students the importance of being valuable members of our society, the values of citizenship and the meaning of community by exploring the history of people, places and events that haved shaped the world.

Oakridge elementary students receive a curriculum that is one year or more ahead of public school standards.

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