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Oakridge's technology programs use cross-curricular lessons, which are coordinated with the technology instructors and classroom teachers, effectively bringing technology into every aspect of the curriculum. Because we live in a technological age, media literacy is emphasized in all grades at Oakridge Private School.  iPads are used in Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grades.  The students also become competent with Google Drive, using the computer lab and the iPads. Google Drive is utilized for reports, quizzes, and presentations.



Oakridge Private School has two computer labs: one for elementary students and one for  middle school students.  Transitional Kindergarten through fourth-grade students attend computer classes in the elementary lab twice a week. Transitional Kindergarten and kindergarten students begin learning typing skills and use a drawing program to master the use of the keyboard and mouse. First graders type their weekly spelling words to improve their keyboard skills and second through third graders begin to use the Internet for researching various topics, along with continuing keyboarding.


Fifth through eighth graders attend computer class daily. The program is designed to give students competency in application and research skills that are compatible with the other academic disciplines. Students also master the programs contained in the Microsoft Office Suite.

Eighth grade students use the online yearbook program, provided by Jostens, giving them the ability to be a part of the yearbook staff going into high school.

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