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Mr. and Mrs. Burry's

Thought of the Month

When you receive a teacher’s note and your child is present, do not bad mouth the teacher at home or in the car. Ask to talk to the teacher and hear her or his side of the story. When you hear only one side of the story you may be upset but long ago a wise King Solomon stated that “Any story sounds true until you have heard the other side!” Reserve judgement when your child brings home a behavior note, especially if you are a young parent and this is one of the first times you have seen such a note. 


Here is a gentle SPECIAL NOTICE to parents: Nearly all parents with few exceptions believe the teacher is wrong in these instances because most parents believe, for example, that their child would never lie or any number of other offenses. Those parents who listen patiently learn that their children can and will do these things. The earlier these behaviors are corrected the sooner you can prevent really awkward events that will surround your children when they are older.

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